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19990915: TAFs

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: University of Kansas
>Keywords: 199909152156.PAA18708 McIDAS-X TAFRPT


>Does any of the Unidata software provide a facility to decode the Terminal
>Area Forecasts?

The McIDAS-X ADDE command TAFRPT does if you have setup XCD decoding
on your machine:

TAFRPT -- Lists terminal aerodrome forecasts
   TAFRPT id1..idn  nfcst <keywords>
   id1..idn | station IDs or states (use P.O. abbreviations) to list
   nfcst | number of forecasts to list (def=1)
   CO=co1..con | lists observations for all stations in these countries;
                 use CCODE command to list valid country codes
   DATASET= | ADDE dataset name; specify as group/descriptor or alias
   TYPE= | type of forecast to list; valid entries are LONG, SHORT or
           ALL (def=LONG)
   You must specify at least one station ID, state or country.

Tom Yoksas

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