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19990830: Getting Updated Feeds to work (cont.)

>From: McIDAS <address@hidden>
>Organization: McIDAS proyect
>Keywords: 199908272226.QAA06927 ldm-mcidas XCD


re: UWGRID in 7.60
>So I should both follow the steps to install GRID (GRIB) decoding, *and*
>install Mcidas 7.6 so I could get the NG and NF products?

Yes, the sequence would be:

o install 7.60
o enable GRID decoding:

  <as 'mcidas'>
  cd ~mcidas/workdata

o add the running of the Bourne shell script uwgrid.sh to cron.  You
  will have to edit uwgrid.sh (installed in ~mcidas/workdata) and
  set MCDATA, MCPATH, etc. to match your system setup.  The times
  you kick off uwgrid.sh (this simply runs the McIDAS command uwgrid.k)
  will depend on when you typically get NGM and MRF data, so you will
  have to do some investigation to figure this out.

re: setup scouring
>Ok, I'll check the mcscour.sh file and let you know how it's setup, in
>case I need to modify it.


>I just checked the REDIRECT List and the AREA011* entry is not present:
>AREA010* /unidata/ldm/data/mcidasd                                     
>AREA012* /unidata/ldm/data/mcidasd                                     
>However when I tried to add the entry to the list:
>REDIRECT ADD AREA011* "/unidata/ldm/data/mcidasd
>I got the following error message (I was logged as user mcidas):
>REDIRECT: Unable to write to ./LWPATH.NAM
>REDIRECT: Entry  "AREA011* /unidata/ldm/data/mcidasd"  was not added

Hmm...  Did you check the directory permissions on ~mcidas/workdata/LWPATH.NAM?
They should be set so that 'mcidas' owns it and everyone in the same
group as 'mcidas' has read/write permissions.

>I just noticed that adding the entry to the table will be a little bit
>more complicated than that.

No, that really should have worked.  Remember that each user that wants
to access those images will have to have the same REDIRECTion for
his/her McIDAS-X sessions.

>Actually I was already planning to upgrade to 7.6 anyway so there's no
>loss there. What I do *need* to do ASAP and might need quite some help
>with is upgrading LDM.  We're running 5.0.5 (it's not my fault we're
>still in the bronze age...) and I've downloaded the installation files
>for LDM 7.6.

The current LDM release is at 5.0.8.  Are you referring to ldm-mcidas

>I have both the source code and the Binary source for IRIX
>6.5. However we have IRIX 6.4 running and I don't think I have time to
>upgrade the Operating System.  So will it still be OK to run LDM under


>Should there be any mayor concerns I must be aware of?

First I want to be sure that you are talking about the LDM and not

>I also got
>confused when I read the web instructions: In order to Update LDM and
>the decoders are they both included in the binary distribution? Do I
>still need to compile the decoders anyway?

There are binary distributions for both the LDM and ldm-mcidas
(decoders for Unidata-Wisconsin datastream) packages, so you don't have
to build anything if you grab and install those.

I am curious, are you running on IRIX or IRIX64 (I suspect IRIX64)?


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