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19990830: McIDAS-XCD at the University of Delaware

>From: Kenji Matsuura <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Delaware
>Keywords: 199908301644.KAA13280 McIDAS-XCD


>I have been trying to run mcidas_xcd but I am having trouble. It ran a
>first few days and it stop running.  Actually it seems that all
>processes are running but it just does not create MD files.

Are the XCD data monitors dying?  You would be able to see this if
there were multiple, repeated entries in the ~mcidas/workdata/XCD_START.LOG

>I tried to
>figure out what is going on but I have not been able to.  I rebuilt
>mcidas and mcidas xcd again but still not working. I just cannot figure

Since things were working, it is unlikely that the code had gone bad.

>I tried to follow the instructions carefully but still I may be
>missed something. I am puzzled because it worked for a few days.

Perhaps the SYSKEY.TAB file got corrupted?

>Probably the best way to find problem is to have someone look around the
>machine so, if possible, I would like someone to sign on our machine and
>see what the problems are.  If this is possible, I will send passwords
>for these accounts.

OK.  I tried logging on with the information you sent, but I got repeated

login: mcidas
Login incorrect
login: mcidas
Login incorrect
login: ldm
Login incorrect
login: Connection closed.

>Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Could you check the logins and get back to me with valid ones?  Thanks.

Tom Yoksas

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