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19990825: wxbox setup

>From: Anthony Rockwood - MSCD Meteorology <address@hidden>
>Organization: Metropolitan State College
>Keywords: 199908260254.UAA08341 McIDAS 8 bit


>Thanks for the instructions.  "Make all" ran for awhile, but then bombed ? 

Well, I goofed because I didn't realize you had downloaded the binary
installation.  I'm rebuilding now and will let you know the outcome.

>McIDAS does start.  I get both the Text and Command window and an Image
>window.  I can run commands from the command line, but I get no menu. 
>McMENU UNIDATA.MNU results in 'can't find a visual'.  And running GUI
>started some bizarre process that took 100% of the cpu. 

The problem is that your X server is set up for 24 bit mode.  You need
to reconfigure it for 256 colors.  If you can't get Kurt to do this, 
I can step you through it.  Wait til the GEMPAK build finishes first


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