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19990820: Update order. (cont.)

>From: Jim Heimbach <address@hidden>
>Organization: UNCA
>Keywords: 199908131905.NAA19778

>     In your response to my e-mail last week, you urged me 
>to update to McIDAS-X, XCD 7.60; ldm-mcidas 7.6.0 and LDM 5.0.8.
>I presently have LDM 5.0.5 running well, and what was left
>running in McIDAS-X was pretty much trashed when SOLARIS 7 was
>put on our ULTRA-2.  
>     Is it reasonable to start with the McIDAS-X, XCD; lmd-mcidas
>installations first.  Then with these up, turn my attention
>to LDM's upgrade, or are there so many changes that I should
>get LDM squared away first.

Yes, this is completely reasonable.

>With my schedule and naivity, the
>process should take a couple of weeks.

I understand.  I am here to help out where I can.


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