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19990818: Problems configuring XCD

>From: taylo1ml <address@hidden>
>Organization: Central Michigan
>Keywords: 199908190147.TAA17152 McIDAS-XCD


>I am in the processing of updating all of our LDM/McIDAS/Gempak software.  I
>have run into difficulties configuring McIDAS-XCD.  I am trying to create the
>file IDXALIAS.DAT, but have been unable to do so.  The command WMORTE LIST DDS
>results in the following:
>$ wmorte.k LIST DDS
>circuit DDS         not defined
>wmorte.k: Done

The configuration of McIDAS-XCD is designed to be done from a running
McIDAS-X session (as per the instructions in the 
page).  The output you sent above shows that you seem to be attempting this
from the Unix command line.  This is not bad, but it assumes that you
understand quite a bit about how McIDAS works.

In particular, the WMORTE command is typically run from the XCCDEC.BAT
McIDAS BATCH file.  This BATCH file is run from an active McIDAS
session as the user 'mcidas' after a number of other steps have been
taken (e.g. defining file REDIRECTions, setting the XCDDATA McIDAS
string as the directory in which XCD produced data files will be
created/updated, etc.).

Did you try to do the installation as per the web instructions?  If
so, did you run into any problems that made you attempt to complete
some steps from the Unix command line?

>When I run the command CIRCUIT LIST, I get the following:
>$ circuit.k LIST
>Circuit Name: PPS   Ingestor:INGETEXT
>Public Products Service
>Configuration File: PPS.CFG
>PPS  ingestor is inactive          ingestor status display number 1
>Circuit Name: IDS   Ingestor:INGETEXT
>International Data Service
>Configuration File: IDS.CFG
>IDS  ingestor is inactive          ingestor status display number 2
>Circuit Name: HRS   Ingestor:INGEBIN
>High Resolution Data Service
>Configuration File: HRS.CFG     Spool File: HRS.SPL
>HRS  ingestor is inactive          ingestor status display number 3
>Circuit Name: DDS   Ingestor:INGETEXT
>Domestic Data Service
>Configuration File: DDS.CFG
>DDS  ingestor is inactive          ingestor status display number 4
>circuit.k: Done

These look correct.

>I have been looking at the archives and documentation and have not been able 
>to solve this problem.
>I would appreciate any solutions and/or other configuration parameters I 
>should be checking.  Thanks.

The problem(s) could be related to things like the non-definition of
appropriate McIDAS file REDIRECTions.  If you followed the online
documentation, you would have created a set of REDIRECTions that will
locate the files that XCD decoders will be concerned with (e.g.
index files, rapid access files, IDXALIAS.DAT, etc.).  If you have done
all of these steps and then wanted to do the various steps in XCDDEC.BAT
"by hand", then you would need to run the commands from the ~mcidas/workdata

If I am missing something in the above, please let me know.

Tom Yoksas

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