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19990817: [Fwd: McIDAS software]

>From: Jim Raines <address@hidden>
>Organization: Space Physics Research Lab
>Keywords: 199908171916.NAA17861 McIDAS-X


>I am trying to install McIDAS as you suggested to Leona Day (see
>attached message).

Sorry, but nothing appeared to be attached.

>I took a look at the ftp site and the online (WWW)
>documentation.  While I see an NT version, I don't see any online NT
>installation documentation.  Is NT fully supported?

No, not yet.  I put the vanilla SSEC distribution of McIDAS-X 7.6 (for
NT) out in the FTP directory for sites that are willing to test the
port and report back to us about their experiences and recommendations.
If sites deem this port to be valuable, I will fold our additions,
modifications, and bugfixes into the code and make a general release

>If so, what are the system requirements?(We are running NT on a Dec Alpha.)

I don't believe that SSEC has tested NT running on DEC Alpha.  For their
Intel NT port, one is obliged to purchase the Interix package (interix.com)
and an X window system.  One can get Interix for about $99 and one site
has been successful in using an X window system that they snagged off of
the net for free.

>Please let me know as soon as you can.

I would suggest that the best course of action would be to get the source
code distribution and build executables on one of the Unix platforms that
we support.  The list of these platforms can be found on the Unidata
McIDAS-X WWW HomePage:


If you are one of the brave souls that wants to try the NT distribution,
the installation instructions are contained in the online McIDAS-X
User's Guide at:


Please be aware that IF you decide to try the NT code (will Intel NT
binaries run on DEC Alphas?), then the support you can expect from us
will be minimal at best.


Sorry I couldn't give you better news.

Tom Yoksas

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