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19990811: mcidasx weather data

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199908101442.IAA20291 McIDAS-X Fkey


re: mounting the waldo file system containing McIDAS data files
>In looking at the man pages for mount and mount_nfs, it seems like the command
>mount waldo:/var/data/mcidas /var/data/mcidas
>would be my best bet.  Does this seem correct to you?

Yes.  This would be especially useful if the default REDIRECTions setup
in ~mcidas/data/LOCAL.NAM on waldo point to /var/data/mcidas.

>When you say add redirections to accounts, do you mean for each account,

Yes.  In the non-ADDE way of doing things, applications need to be able
to read data files directly.  This means that each user's account will
need to be able to find the data files.  This is done by using a combination
of REDIRECTions and MCPATH.  We have found that it is better to specify
file locations through specific REDIRECTions than by just using MCPATH.

>I need to do the REDIRECT REST LOCAL.NAM command within mcidas?

Within a McIDAS-X session, yes.

>Currently, I
>do not have any other accounts set up on met56g, I am doing this all as
>user mcidas.

OK.  The 'REDIRECT REST LOCAL.NAM' command sequence from withing the
McIDAS-X session for the user 'mcidas' will setup the environment in
which it can find the data files ASSUMING that the directory listed
in LOCAL.NAM is accessible/readable after the mount.

>Soon I will create a guest account on it, I believe Alan
>already created guest on waldo.

OK, you will have to do the REDIRECT REST command for that account as well.

re: everything
>Yes, I copied the mcidas distribution, not incoming data.

OK, this will be fine IF the home directory of the user 'mcidas' is the
same on met56g as it was on waldo.  If it is not, then the GUI components
of the Fkey menu and the Unidata GUI will not work.

>If the mount command I have above will work, will I need to edit the
>LOCAL.NAM file?

Not if the directory name is the same.

>Nearly all directories listed in the file are
>/var/data/mcidas and it seems that if I'm using /var/data/mcidas on met56g
>to basically mirror all the data in /var/data/mcidas on waldo, I wouldn't
>need to change LOCAL.NAM  


>Also, in creating the /var/data/mcidas directory on met56g (if this is what
>I should do), is there any special user who should be owner of the

The directory should be owned by the user 'mcidas'.  It should also have
read/write permission for 'mcidas' and all users in the same group.  The
users that should be in the same group are: mcidas, mcadde, ldm, gempak.
No "ordinary" user (e.g. guest) should be a member of this group.

>On waldo, ldm is owner of the /var/data directories.  There is
>no user ldm on met56g, however.  

OK.  On waldo, the group read/write permissions on /var/data should be set
so that the user 'mcidas' can delete files.  If this is not the case,
the permissions should be changed.

>Thanks for your help!

You are welcome.


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