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19990726: McIDAS-XCD for os/2 (cont.)

>From: "Earle A. Ripley" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Saskatchewan
>Keywords: 199907161713.LAA02124 XCD-750


>Now that most of my system is working, I still have a couple of minor
>1. I would like to get grid files to plot the jet stream. I tried
>"DECINFO SET DMGRID ACTIVE" but all that did was produce NUMEROUS messages
>"DMGRID  Starting: GRIB decoder" and not much else.

Is the gridded data being requested from machine that feeds the OS/2 box?
Is the machine that feeds the OS/2 box being fed the gridded data? I
am under the impression that your OS/2 box is requesing data from your
Sun, but I know that Don recommended to you to have it feed directly.
Which is the case?

>2. I have a separate maching running McIdas OS/2 7.1, that is producing
>.vif files for our weather display system. It doesn't seem to be able to
>read the new MD files.

At all?  Do things like MDL and MDU work?  What exactly does not work?

>Is there any way of getting around this?

It _may_ be possible (I havn't tried and have no way of trying this) to
take the 7.5 executables that you need to use and put them on the
machine running 7.1.  Don setup 7.5 to put all executables in
C:\MCIDAS\CODE, but the C:\MCIDAS\USER\CODE directory is still in the
search PATH.  As a quick test, I would take one of the 7.5 routines
that you need to use and copy it to the C:\MCIDAS\USER\CODE directory
and see if it will work.  BEFORE you do this, BACKUP the copy, if it
exists, of the executable that you might be overwriting by writing the
7.5 executable to C:\MCIDAS\USER\CODE (Unidata routines were still
put into C:\MCIDAS\USER\CODE for version 7.1)!!

>The machine
>has very little disk space left so I don't think I could install 7.5,


>and perhaps I would lose the .vif capability then anyway??

Right.  SVF and RVF were removed from McIDAS-OS2 when support for VGA
displays was sunset.


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