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19990723: mcidasx on met56g @ scsu

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: ST. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199907231535.JAA25056 McIDAS-X shared memory


>I'm Todd, Alan Anderson's student computer worker here at st. cloud.  I've
>been working on getting mcidasx onto the 2nd solaris pc in our lab.  I
>believe I successfully transferred the mcidas directory tree from waldo to
>met56g using tar, and unzipped them back.  However, when I try to
>run mcidas from the command prompt, I get this message :
>/home/mcidas% mcenv: Cannot make positive UC: could not create
>36158250-byte shared memory segment.

Please review:

Initial Preparations
  Preparing the Workstation
    Shared Memory

To learn about increasing system shared memory.  Sun Solaris needs to
have the modification listed in the above done by 'root' (followed by
a reboot) in order to increase shared memory allocation.  The error
you are reporting is telling you that the abount of shared memory that
McIDAS tried to allocate is beyond what the system has.

>I compared the .mcenv file on met56g with the one on waldo and they appear
>identical. I also checked the .mcidasrc files, also identical.  Any ideas?
>The only hardware differences between waldo and met56g are waldo has 256mb
>ram, met56g has 128mb.  
>Thanks for your help, any replies can be sent to my address above.

Tom Yoksas

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