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19990722: compiling McIDAS-XRD code on DEC (cont.)

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 199907221406.IAA22360 McIDAS DEC Alpha


>He told me vendor compilers, so I thought you might have an idea.....

No problem.  I think that Randy was running mccomp by hand and using
the gcc/f2c combination unexpectedly (I already sent him email on this,
but forgot to CC you).

The reason I think this is that mccomp needs the -vendor flag to use
vendor compilers and his mccomp invocation listing did not have the
-vendor flag:

>mccomp -0 remap2.k remap2.o -L/usr/users/mcidas/lib -lmcidas
>/usr/users/mcidas/mcidas7.6/src/main.o cloudp.o

This tells me that he was using gcc/f2c without knowing it.  His error
about the missing MAIN__ entry point is then consistent with linking
against the shared f2c library which does not have this entry point.

By the way, in the Unidata 7.60 distribution, I made compiling with
vendor compilers the default, at least when running make.  To use
gcc/f2c on systems where this is not the native compiler (like Solaris
x86, but not Linux) my users will have to type 'make all VENDOR=' to
use gcc/f2c.


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