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19990717: getting McIDAS-OS2 7.50 working on OS/2 (cont.)

>From: "Earle A. Ripley" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Saskatchewan
>Keywords: 199907161713.LAA02124 XCD-750 


>1.    I have the LDM working now and data are flowing to my OS/2 machine.
>The files are being stored and the image files are okay. However, the MD
>files have only the headers, no data. They are created each day but appear
>to be empty.

I suspect that the file SCHEMA is not being found by thes surface data
monitor DMSFC.  Check to make sure that the version of SCHEMA that came
with 7.50 is:

o located in the directory where you wnat your MD files created
o readable
o you have a REDIRECTion to that copy of SCHEMA


o turn off the surface data monitor:


  make sure that DMSFC goes away by running 'pstat /c' in an OS/2
  window; look at the output searching for DMSFC; etc.

o delete the most current surface MD file (either use MDU DEL in
  your McIDAS session or DEL from an OS/2 window

o turn the surface data monitor back on:


>2.    When I plot images, the continental outline is about an inch too high
>above the image in the case of Molle, E-W comp, MDR, but not for the others.

The question is what command(s) you are running to display the image
and overlay it with a map?  I suspect that you are plotting these from
the Fkey menu; true?  If so, it is most likely that the VIRTual
graphics file that is used by the menu for the display is old so it
doesn't match the navigation of the images coming in.  If this is the
case, you need to remove the VIRT file that are incorrect.  This can be
done from the F7 action in the Fkey menu Unidata MENU Administration
menu.  The strange thing about this is that for most of the 7.50 menu
actions that put up images, the VIRTual graphic file is deleted and
then recreated to match the navigation of the image(s) to be plotted.
he the 7.50 menu

Can you tell me exactly how you plotted these images?  Secondly,  please
take one of the images that is not mapping correctly and try displaying
it from the command line as:

SF 1

Is the map correct in this case?

Tom Yoksas

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