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19990716: McIDAS-XCD options (cont.)

>From: "Earle A. Ripley" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Saskatchewan
>Keywords: 199907161540.JAA29668 XCD-750 SYSKEY.TAB

Hi Earle-

>Thanks, I am slowly getting there.


>I have data flowing into and out of the Sun to the OS/2 machine now.
>There is a message on startup:
>    No McIdas ingester reading from pipe \PIPE\DOS
>Is that a problem?

No, this just means that you've gotten data before the ingester was started.
It should go away within 20 seconds of starting.  If it continues for
longer than that, then you've got a problem.

>Also, there seem to be lots of SYSKEY.TAB not found & not readable messages.
>How can I cure that?

This is a problem.  Check a couple of things:

1) Do you have a REDIRECTion for SYSKEY.TAB that is pointing somewhere
that doesn't exist?  Run REDIRECT and see if you have an invalid REDIRECTion.
If there is no REDIRECTion for SYSKEY.TAB, then check to see if there
is a copy of this file in the /MCIDAS/DATA directory into which you
installed the 7.50 data files.  If not, run the command SYSKEY to
create one.  Make sure there is a SYSKEY.DOC file there first.

Don Murray

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