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19990708: MAKEAREA source

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: NOAA/NESDIS
>Keywords: 199907081410.IAA26458 McIDAS-X 7.6 MAKEAREA


>I work with NOAA/NESDIS/Satellite Services Division in Camp Springs, MD.
>We provide satellite imagery and derived products as a service of the U.S.
>Government.  My name is Rob Fennimore (address@hidden).  I saw
>a command MAKEAREA discussed on the Unidata McIDAS-X User's Guide website.
>This command converts a flat image file into an AREA file.  Unfortunately,
>I did not see MAKEAREA in our version of McIDAS-X (7.6).  Is it possible
>for us to obtain this command, or the source code for it?

Yes, certainly.

>It would be useful for one of our new applications.

I have included the source for MAKEAREA (makearea.pgm) and MAKNAV (the
Unidata version of maknav.pgm (I added navigation for NOAA polar
orbiters) at the end of this email (MAKEAREA just creates an AREA file;
MAKNAV adds the navigation to the AREA file; you need both).  I have
also included the makefile additions for building these routines.

>Thanks very much, -Rob.

You are welcome.  I am curious: do you regularly review the Undiata
McIDAS web site or did someone point you to it?  Again, just curious.

Please let me know if you run into any problems getting makearea to work.

-------------------------- makearea.pgm -----------------------------------

<deleted makearea.pgm source for brevity in tracking system>

-------------------------- makearea.pgm -----------------------------------

-------------------------- maknav.pgm    -----------------------------------

<deleted maknav.pgm source for brevity in tracking system>

-------------------------- maknav.pgm   -----------------------------------

-------------------------- makefile mod -----------------------------------

                        makearea.pgm \

makearea.k                      : makearea.o $(LIBDEPS)
                        @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) makearea.o $(LIBARGS)

-------------------------- makefile mod -----------------------------------

Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden  Thu Jul  8 12:29:03 1999

Dear Support,

Thank you very much, this is wonderful, especially in that you provided the
MAKNAV code too, as I was wondering how we would go about navigating the
AREA file once we made it.

Yes, I am a frequent visitor of the Unidata site.  I first had reason to
visit it when we were thinking about setting up the Local Data Manager
(LDM) for National Lightning Detector Network (NLDN) data access and
display a couple of years ago.  We had earlier had some other type of NLDN
access but it was abruptly terminated.  We never did get the LDM stuff
going because of the cost of the NLDN, which was free before the abrupt
cutoff.  I never did quite understand why the very agency (NOAA) that
funded development of the NLDN is now charged for it now that it is in the
hands of the private sector.  Typical treatment for the American taxpayer.

Anyway, ever since then I have been a fan of the Unidata site, it is very
informative for our kind of work, as we are real big users of McIDAS.


From address@hidden  Thu Jul  8 12:31:11 1999

Thanks again Tom, didn't see your name at the bottom til just now.

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