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19990706: mcidas question

>From: Dana Quinn <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 199907062209.QAA24561 McIDAS-X


>Hi!  I'm finally getting around to doing a mcidas upgrade.
>When I logged into the unidata ftp site, I saw that there was a
>7.6 directory - is there an upgrade coming out soon for mcidas?

Yes, I am trying to get the 7.60 distribution ready for a July 31

>I don't have a choice about waiting for the newest version before
>I upgrade (see below), but I'm just curious if there's an ETA for

I am sure trying for July 31.

>Also, I see that the docs for 7.5 say Redhat 5.2 - are you
>aware of anyone using Redhat 6.0?  (I haven't upgraded any of my
>machines yet myself, but I should sometime soon).

No, but we are running the 2.2 kernel here on at least one of our
Linux machines.

>Also, on a non-mcidas front, I'm going to be leaving College of
>DuPage soon, actually, this week is my last week.

Too bad for COD!

>(Which is why I need to upgrade McIDAS now! :) )

I understand completely.

>I'm going to be leaving for a
>job in the private sector.  I'm wondering if it would be appropriate
>for me to post a sort of 'goodbye' to the ldm-users list or something
>like that.

Sure.  If worded correctly, it could also serve as a notification to sites
that feed from you that there might be some (unintended) disruption of

>I think it would be a good thing to let people know that
>things will be changing here, and so forth.

I agree completely.

>(the school is going to fund
>a position to replace me, but they are dragging their feet on the hiring
>process. So for a while Paul will be the technical contact for us, and
>hopefully soon after there will be someone in my position here.)

I hope so as well.

>Is this sort of thing appropriate for the list?  I sorta wanted to check
>in on that before I sent something to ldm-users.

I think so.  Others in the same position have done the same thing.  The
key is to not be too verbose.

Sorry to see you go, but I hope that your new job is exciting/challenging
and pays you well.


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