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19990703: McIDAS build problem on IRIX 6.5 (cont.)

>From: Zuo Dong Zheng <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 199907011430.IAA14251 McIDAS make IRIX compilers


re: compiler installation on kingkong
>unfortunely, we don't any more system admin here, i am the only one.  i
>inherited this many machine from the people before me, and everying was
>pre-installed.  i was going to reinstall everying but i couldn't the orginal
>CDs for this computer.  So do u thing i should try get GNU-c instead?

Since version 7.5 of McIDAS was not setup to be built using gcc, this would
likely expose a number of problems that have been addressed in the 7.6
version of McIDAS.  I am working on 7.6 right in hopes that I can release
it by the end of July.  I will be using 7.6 in the upcoming McIDAS workshop
that will be held at the very beginning of August.  I think that your
options are:

o somehow get the CD for your SGI and reinstall the compilers

o get gcc/f2c installed and wait for 7.6 and hope that there is nothing
  else amiss on your machine

I think that it would be wise for you to try to get the CD for the machine
just in case.  SGI may be sympathetic to your plight, so I would recommend
giving your rep. a call.

re: setup for global .cshrc file included in all users' environment
>i will do that on the offical machine.  


re: login
>sure, if you be kind enough, login as mcidas and password .... Again, this
>is a test machine, nothing to worry about.

I found that not only is the installation of the C compiler not
complete, but there is no Fortran compiler to be found.  So, even if
the configure step for the Tcl/Tk component of the distribution had not
bombed out, your build would have failed when the Fortran compilations
were started.


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