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19990628: network configuration for solarisx86


Good to hear you have the network configuration up and running.  If you
run into a similar situation, you can easily re-configure the network
portion of the system using the "sys-unconfig" command.  See the man
pages for a good explanation of what the command does...

I would avoid removing the langauge specific packages since they really
don't take up much room.  If you run "swmtool", you will see all sorts
of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and other package components, but they are
all real small.  Unless you are really tight on disk space, I doubt you
would recover more than 5-10MB total.


On Jun 29,  5:24pm, alan anderson wrote:
> Subject: Re: 19990628: network configuration for solarisx86
> At 05:06 PM 6/28/99 -0600, you wrote:
> ...
> I noticed lots of lines indicating that different fonts and some locale
> stuff regarding
> other languages (chinese, thai,...) were being installed.  This all seems
> unnecessary to
> me.  Is it possible to remove these things without upsetting the overall
> system when
> everything we will do is just English?  I have looked a bit in the
> documentation stuff
> and don't see any discussion of the topic of removing these kinds of files,
> yet I cannot
> imagine ever using them.  During the install, I am sure I just checked
> English & U.S.
> Alan

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