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19990628: network configuration for solarisx86


> >From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
> >Subject: network configuration for solarisx86
> >Organization: St. Cloud State
> >Keywords: 199906282133.PAA07764 Solaris x86 install
> I am still getting messages of 'network unreachable', when trying to get
> to the outside (ping, ftp etc.).  the wire is plugged in, and this machine's
> network access was fine when running os2.

When you get this message, are you attempting to ping hosts on the same
network or a network off-site?  Please check that the following files
exist and have the appropriate hostname in the contents;


Also, the output from "/usr/sbin/ifconfig -a" and "/bin/netstat -rn"
would be useful for diagnosis.  We'll track it down ...


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