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19990625: problems with McIDAS/GEMPAK Gif images and ImageMagick

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: NSBF
>Keywords: 199906251931.NAA24497


>I had been using ImageMagick ver 3 on our Solaris Intel
>machine to convert GEMPAK/McIDAS images with black backgrounds
>to white backgrounds using the negate feature, or monochrome
>to make it B&W.

McIDAS allows you to change the background of graphic plots to white,
so you don't need to do this with another package.  Try, for

SF 1
SVGIF 1 test.gif

>However, I obtained the latest relaese of ImageMagick
>(ver 4.27) for our Sparc and it will not perform
>the conversion properly, -negate -mnochrome produces a 
>completely black image on a GEMPAK(GARP) image with a 
>black background.  Doing the same on our Intel machine
>and IM 3.0 produces the desired B&W image.  I also
>tried IM 4.27 on another Solaris Intel machine with
>the same results.
>Are there any other image viewer/converters out there
>that can also be run from the command line for
>use in scripts?  I will also look for an older version
>of ImageMagick.

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