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19990618: July 1st Datastream changes (cont.)

>From: "Jennie L. Moody" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 199906162038.OAA01382 McIDAS LDM cron ROUTE PP


re: ask the McIDAS community

re: next to impossible to get a WMO header to key off of
>hmmmm, really?

What I meant is that there is no guarantee that a product with a
particular header will come across first.

re: pacing with semaphores of one kind or another

>Well, I was also looking to see if there was some other place to
>check for info from the decoder, two xcd admin utilities,
>SENNMC and NMCAMT (this generates an error, segmentation violation
>when I try to run it, yes, as user mcidas)

SENNMC is archaic since the mainframe doesn't exist anymore.  I
am suprised that NMCAMT core dumps.  This is not good.  The other
place you might want to look for status information on XCD decoding
is in the file ~mcidas/workdata/DECOSTAT.DAT.  You can look at the
contents of this file from a 'mcidas' McIDAS session by running the
STAT (in McIDAS) or statdisp (outside of McIDAS).  If DECOSTAT.DAT
has enough information to help you out (it might), you would have
to write a program to read the file and do what you want if what you
see is current.

>...but I couldn't get far with it....


re: firing off PPs after receipt of UW NGM GRID file
>it was just an example....we are firing a post-process batch based on
>the arrival of some of these products, and I need to work around these
>before they break.

Quickly, you can see when the NGM files typically come in and then
create a cron entry in the 'mcidas' account to run your script(s).

re: not hard but tedious
>its *all* tedious- 

Putting in a cron job should be pretty quick. You can do this and tidy
up later.

>just read (re-read) through the mcidas-xcd material on line, reminding
>myself of the current model configs, etc.  man, i *hate* mcidas (right

Time to head to your favorite local pub for a brew!

>consider me stopped...least its friday, going to pickup jack and purge my
>brain of this stuff

Have a good weekend...


>From address@hidden  Tue Jun 22 11:38:59 1999

re: ask the McIDAS community
>Done...guess I'll find out if anyone is out there...

re: check DECOSTAT.DAT
>Right, this is where I started looking around for decoder info...

re: Putting in a cron job
>Right, this is what I am starting to do now.

re: head to your favorite local pub for a brew!
>Sorry, guess I was in a foul mood by Friday afternoon.  Just what I did.

re: access to GINI imagery in NOAAPORT
>Sounds very cool and interesting!

re: TeraScan (tm) data
>I don't follow all this, I thought TeraScan was a ground receiver
>system for downloading satellite imagery, and I thought it was used
>for getting polar orbiter data (for instance). 
>I don't know what the tdf format is.  

>You mention being able to browse GOES East/West imagery, but how would 
>this be different than having access to UW's ADDE server (for example)? 
>(Just trying to understand what this is, feeling like I should know 
>these sorts of things since I attempt to teach remote sensing :-)....

>later, Jennie

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