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19990617: problem using UAPLOT(McIDAS) from Bourne shell script on Solaris x86

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 199906171506.JAA22844 McIDAS UAPLOT shell script


>Tom, I have attached the log called test2.log from wxmcidas (the one
>with the problem).  It has the Sun 4.2 compilers and is running
>x86 Solaris 7.  I also attached test.log which is output from
>psnldm(Ultrasparc, SUN 5.0 compilers) where the script works.

OK.  I took a look at the log files and saw that the one from wxmcidas
said that there were less than 3 mandatory levels in the sounding that
you wanted to plot.  Under this condition no plot is generated.

The question that came to mind was why there were only three levels.
I logged onto wxmcidas as mcidas and began poking around.  I verified
that if I:

o CDed to the workdata directory
o ran mcenv
o ran uaplot.k 72249 00 1999/06/17 CENTER=YES FORM=SKEWT PRAnge=5 1020
o ran svgif 1 skewt.gif

that the GIF was blank.  I then ran several tests of ptlist.k to see
if it would list anything.  What I found was that wxmcidas had very
few soundings in the current day's mandatory level upper air file
(RTPTSRC/UPPERMAND.8.  The same was true for yesterday's data file.

I changed the data location for this dataset to point back to our
ADDE server (now adde.unidata.ucar.edu (an alias)) and saw LOTS
of soundings.  I reran the uaplot.k command while still pointing back
to here and was able to produce a GIF with a full sounding.

Could your problem simply be one of lack of data on wxmcidas?


>From address@hidden  Thu Jun 17 17:36:41 1999

I did not even consider that as a possibility, guess I should have,
since wxmcidas is feeding psnldm.  I assumed that wxmcidas would
have the same data as psnldm.  I will point wxmcidas back at psnldm
and see how that goes.  The GEMPAK upper air files seem fine on
wxmcidas so maybe there area some McIDAS data problems with it.
I will look into from the data angle.  Thanks for your time,
sorry it was apparently a waste of your time.


>From address@hidden  Thu Jun 17 17:43:58 1999

I pointed wxmcidas back to psnldm and it works now.  So since
wxmcidas is feeding psnldm the raw data, I appear to have a McIDAS decoding
problem on wxmcidas.  I will see what I can come up with and am sure
I will have more questions.


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