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19990527: mcadde account (cont.)

>From: Tye Parzybok <address@hidden>
>Organization: Oregon State University
>Keywords: 199905262237.QAA18710 McIDAS-X mcadde


>Thank you so much for your reply. It sounds like we need the
>mcadde account to take full advantage of MCIDAS.

I think so, yes.

>I'm going through the on-line Learning Guide and now having
>difficulty with the "HELP" command. When I type HELP at the
>prompt, I get a message back that reads:
>No help file found for ZLM
>Any ideas why this might me happening?

I would guess that either your installation failed at some point
or that your MCPATH environment variable does not contain the
directory into which the help files got installed.

Did you get past the point of installing McIDAS, or are you exercising
things from the ~/mcidas7.5/src directory?

Here are the settings for appropriate McIDAS environment variables
needed to fully use the software (these are temporary; please refer
to the online installation/configuration documentation to get the
complete list).  I am assuming that you are testing as the user 'mcidas',
and that its home directory is /home/mcidas:

o McIDAS not installed; testing from the ~mcidas/mcidas7.5/src directory


o McIDAS installed


McIDAS uses REDIRECTions and MCPATH to search for data, ancillary data,
and help files.  Help files are most often located using MCPATH, so
having its definition setup correctly is the key to use of online help.
The other thing you can do is to reference the McIDAS User's Guide online


>In the meantime I'll be searching your web-page for help too.

Sounds good.

Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden  Thu May 27 15:17:52 1999

re: is it installed
>Oh yes...I've got in fully installed.

re: MCPATH setting
>OOPS...this is where the error is. My mcidas home dir is /home/ocs/mcidas and
>I didn't change it accordingly in the MCPATH= ... :/home/mcidas/help part.
>Does that mean I have to re-install and re-build? Oddly my 
>directory is empty...that makes me nervous.

>My .cshrc file now reads:

-Tye Parzybok

>From address@hidden  Thu May 27 15:25:38 1999

>Tom...Hold the phone!

>Your on-line documentation is VERY good...and I didn't
>run do the following...so no wonder my help dir is empty.

>2. Install McIDAS-X 7.50.

>       Type: cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.5/src
>       Type: make install.mcxall 
>Sorry to be a thorn in your side...but I think I at least
>have McIDAS intalled and tested now.

>Thank you for your help...I may need more later, but I
>am off and running now.


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