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19990526: mcadde account

>From: Tye Parzybok <address@hidden>
>Organization: Oregon State University
>Keywords: 199905262237.QAA18710 McIDAS-X mcadde


>We are in the process of installing McIDADS-X, but have a question
>regarding the mcadde account. We are installing it on a Sun Solaris 
>2.x UNIX system.
>1) What is the mcadde account for?

The mcadde account is the account in which the McIDAS remote ADDE server
is run.  To simplify things, I recommend (see online instructions for
configurating Unidata McIDAS-X) that the home directory for 'mcadde' be
the same as the account in which McIDAS-X is installed.  If one follows
my (strong) recommendations, McIDAS-X is installed in an account named

>Is it necessary?

Yes, it is necessary IF you are going to use the remote ADDE services.
This is something that I strongly recommend, by the way.  ADDE allows
cooperating McIDAS sites to access their McIDAS data holdings transparently
across the net.  Setting up the remote ADDE server on your machine will
qualify you to join a growing number of sites that can act as each other's
short term data archive repository.  To learn more about ADDE, please
work through the McIDAS Learning Guide:


>2) Can the user id be the same as for the mcidas account?

User ID, no.  Group ID yes.

>3) What should the group permissions be for the mcidas/mcadde accounts?

I recommend that the users 'mcidas', 'mcadde', and 'ldm' (or whatever
the name of the user you are running your Unidata LDM under is) all
be in the same group.  The McIDAS installation process sets file permissions
so that all group members have read/write (and execute where appropriate)
access.  The recommendations for setting umask in the online instructions
follows up on this recommendation.

>We are currently a UNIDATA member running ldm on www.ocs.orst.edu.

We know.  If you will be using McIDAS, you _will_ want to setup the
McIDAS remote ADDE server (even though it is not strictly necessary).
The first time that you try to run a McIDAS ADDE application and you
don't have the appropriate data on hand locally, but you are able to
get it _right then_ from another user's remote ADDE server, you will
really understand the power of ADDE's design.

>Thank you for your time and help.

You are welcome.

>Tye Parzybok
>Tye W. Parzybok, Research Scientist                      
>Oregon Climate Service               Voice: 541-737-8305   
>Oregon State University              Fax: 541-737-5710
>316 Strand Ag Hall                   E-mail: address@hidden
>Corvallis, Oregon USA 97331          Web: http://www.ocs.orst.edu

Tom Yoksas

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