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19990524: FYI: Re: 19990422: Using nv1opt(lit('ANG ')

>From: Craig Motell <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Hawaii
>Keywords: 199904222333.RAA00684 McIDAS email lists


>Dear Tom: The following is for your information, no need to reply!

No problem.  I see my mistake.

>You showed me previously that I entered time incorrectly into the
>parameter list to acquire satellite angles from GVAR. You also,
>noted that even with the correct time we didn't get the correct
>satellite angles.
>I found that your time was off a little to, but the correct form
>doesn't change the satellite angles either! So this is just for future

OK, thanks for alerting me.

>>   o xin(1) is the Julian date as you have specified
>>   o xin(2) needs to be a time in hours and fractional hours.
>>     The reason I say this is that the code in nvxgvar calls M0ITIME
>>     to convert this real number into a "packed integer" of the
>>     form HHMMSS.  You are passing a time that is already in 
>>     HHMMSS.  You should, therefore, change your code:
>>       xin(2) = jtime
>> to:
>>       xin(2) = jtime/10000. + MOD(jtime/100,100)/60. +
>>      &         MOD(jtime,100)/3600.
>Tom, I think that the correct way to write the above expression should
>be something like:
>     xin(2) = int(jtime/10000) + mod(jtime/100,100)/60. +
>     &         real(mod(jtime,100)/3600.)

My mistake was the decimal point on the 10000!  jtime/10000. is, of course
a real number.  What I should have said was jtime/10000; this is an

>It ends up that I don't think you can say "jtime/10000." and get
>the correct answer -- at least not according to my test.

Right you are.

>Also, I had to add "real" type cast to "mod(jtime,100)/3600."

I don't think so.  Each term is evaluated individually and promoted as
needed.  mod(jtime,100) is an integer, but mod(time,100)/3600. gets promoted
to a real.

>I'm more a c programmer than fortran so the last one doesnt' make since
>to me.

Me either.

>I thought in fortran if you say real = int/real you get real=real,


>but without this cast I didn't get fractional seconds correctly.

This is very strange.  The Fortran standard says that your first inclination
was correct.

>Thanks for your help.

Sorry for my error.  It was just one little '.', however ;-)

By the way, how about them Spurs!  Crushed LA.  Also, I have been really
enjoying the Blazers/Jazz series.  Portland is for real!  Also, what
happened to the Knicks... they finally woke up for the playoffs.


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