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19990511: ADDE server

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NTSB
>Keywords: 199905111810.MAA13843 McIDAS ADDE IDD


>I have had a lot of trouble getting a good feed, my situation
>now is as good as it has ever been, and I still miss a lot of
>data about 30-40% of the time.

I kind of knew that you were having problems getting data from Hsie,
but I had no idea that the reception was so bad.

>Robb has tried and tried (and me also)
>to find a reliable feed, but to no avail.   I am just too far 
>from civilization.  I watch the LDM topology site and see that
>my latencies are worse most of the time than just about anyone

I saw Hsie's email to support earlier and chatted with Chiz about what
might be happening.  At the time, we looked at his feed, we saw virtually
no latencies.  We will have to get a better handle on when things degrade
to see exactly what is happening.

>Is there a machine in the Unidata community or at Unidata
>that is running the ADDE server and is up and being used
>most of the time, that I could point McIDAS towards and access
>data that I have missed?  It would only be on an as-needed basis.

Try pointing at ....  This is the dual 450 Mhz
machine that we have shifted all of our LDM ingest/decoding to as a stress
test (going well so far, by the way).  Let me know if you find things
that are not working correctly (I have tried the server at various times
and everything seems to work fine, but you never know...).


Talk to you later...



>It is just a bad time for me to be losing data.  We have a 
>research group here from France (from CNES, the French Space Agency)
>along with two other groups.  I am doing briefings and saving
>data for and providing meterological input for a balloon 
>performance model.  

No problem.

>The problems I saw with cirrus.al.noaa.gov, started last
>week.  He actually started losing data himself this weekend.
>I usually end up with 20-40 minute latencies during the peak of the afternoon
>which is okay, but at times I have been losing almost everything lately.
>Everything was great for the first couple of weeks from cirrus,

This is something that we will be looking into.  It could be a problem on
Hsie's machine.

>My backup Colorado State is fine from about 1600L to 0900L, but
>is no good at all during the day.  It is the same with weather.admin.niu.edu
>who used to feed me.  I switch back and forth between them as 
>necessary to try to keep from losing all of the data.

What a drag!

>It is hard not to be a little jealous of all those sites with the green
>and yellow latencies 7 days a week.  

I agree.

>Like I say, I will mainly rely on my feed and will only point
>at lenny when necessary.  Thanks for letting me take advantage of

Hey, no problem.  Glad to help.




>From address@hidden  Wed May 12 11:26:01 1999

In the LOCAL.NAM file the redirect for the topo files
is AREA901* /home/mcidas/data.

I stick with the Sun convention of naming my home directories
/export/home, so the correct redirect is /export/home/mcidas/data.

I was thinking that ..... was the old 133Mhz Gateway, but I thought
you might have retired it.  I am going to switch to ..... now
as I missed quite a bit of the MRF last night.  The problems
with cirrus.al.noaa.gov seemed to have stopped.  I am just back
to my slow connection to them. Slow is okay as long as I stay
below max_latency.  I have not gone back to see why I missed
a lot of the MRF.

By the way, I ordered RedHat 6.0, for free (plus shipping and
handling) from Linux Systems Labs.  Thought I would give it a try.
With 5.1, cron stopped working for no apparent reason (after 3 days)
and the lp(or lpr) command stopped working.  Also after 3 days
of use, only root could connect to the X-server, I did not change
anything, this was after the computer sat there for three days.
So, I have not had good luck with it.  This is when I got rid
of it and dual booted the machine with Solaris. 

NSBF Meteorology

>From address@hidden  Wed May 12 12:22:23 1999

Just wanted to let you know that I am pointing at .....
now(RTGRIDS) and it works great.

NSBF Meteorology

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