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19990423: IKWP

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 199904231716.LAA23819 McIDAS IKWP


>I need some information on what IKWP does. What are the three arguments it
>takes and what does it return?

If you did a full McIDAS installation, and if you have added the
/home/mcidas/man directory to your MANPATH environment variable, then
you can get the man page for IKWP as follows:

man ikwp
Reformatting page.  Wait... done
                               McIDAS-X Version 7.500 Nov 1998 X

      ikwp - Fetches keyword parameter in integer form.

      integer function
      ikwp(character*(*) keyword, integer position, integer def)

      keyword     - The name of a keyword, or NULL/blank for
      position    - Specifies which argument from argument sequence
                    to fetch.
                    (1-based), e.g., ' ',1 specifies first positional param.
      def         - Number to use as default.

Input and Output:


Return values:
      The requested argument's integer value, or 0 if invalid.

      Obsolete function, replaced by mcargint.
      If luc(-30) is set, and keyword not keyedin,
      then the function trys to fetch the argument from the system
      string table.



The man page tells you a number of the pieces of information that you
are looking for:

o the calling sequence
o the return value
o the file in which the source is located

I guess that it is not obvious from the McIDAS installation documents that
there are man pages for the great majority of routines in McIDAS (there
are a number missing, however).  Since you guys are doing a lot of
development, this affects you more than other sites.  I think I may
have mentioned the existence of man pages to Jennie in the past, but
this may be one of my (many?) false memories.  Anyway, I think that you
will find the man pages very useful in the future.

One last comment on IKWP (and CKWP, etc.).  These interfaces have been
replaced by other, more robust ones.  For instance, a direct replacemnt
of IKWP is mccmdint; mccmdstr replaces CKWP; etc.  In fact, when you look
at the source code for IKWP (in argold.c), you will see that the C interface
for arg fetcher (Mcargint for IKWP) is actually called.

>How can I find a copy of the code for IKWP?

See above.


I hope that this helps...


>From address@hidden  Fri Apr 23 15:05:55 1999

Sorry, the man pages are there with the distribution (7.4 is what
we are still running), and I tried setting my personal manpath
to look at this directory (/home/mcidas/mcidas7.4/man), but it
didn't work (your MANPATH should be defined in .variables.ksh),
so let me go back and read the installation notes.  This won't happen
before Monday, sorry.


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