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19990409: building mcidasx

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199904091934.NAA23884 McIDAS-X make


>Its been a busy week, so our progess has been a bit slow.
>Also, I have not worked with my student very much, so he has
>had to deal with this by himself.  We have progressed through
>preparing for mcidasx
>mcidas, mcadde accounts
>obtaining the distrib.
>notes and warnings    then hit a snag with building
>first sign of problem was when invoking the make command.  Todd
>(my student worker) then suspected that it might have to do with
>the link for the libf2c.a file, which apparently did not work.
>At  any rate, the lines below show the results of the link attempt
>and the make attempt.
>Hope you can give us a steer.  for user mcidas, mcidasx$  is  pw.
># ln -s /usr/lib/libf2c.a /usr/local/lib/libf2c.a
>ln: cannot create /usr/local/lib/libf2c.a: File exists

This shows that the file either already exists in /usr/local/lib or that
the link had been made once before.

># exit
>waldo% source .cshrc
>.cshrc{?MCPATH}: No match

This looks like you have an error in your .cshrc file.  I would check
the section around the checking of MCPATH to make sure that what was
entered matches the documetation.  Again, this section should look like:

if ( ! ${?MCPATH} ) then
setenv MCDATA /home/mcidas/workdata
setenv MCPATH ${MCDATA}:/home/mcidas/data:/home/mcidas/help
setenv MCGUI /home/mcidas/bin
setenv MCTABLE_WRITE "/home/mcidas/data/ADDESITE.TXT"
setenv XCD_disp_file $MCDATA/DECOSTAT.DAT

Note that spaces are important!

>waldo% /usr/ccs/bin/make mcx
>make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target `mcx'

This showed that you were not in the mcidas7.5/src directory when you
tried running make.  Also, your PATH should be setup so that you can
find and run make without typing in the full pathname for it.  For

cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.5/src
make mcx

>waldo% cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.5/src
>waldo% /usr/ccs/bin/make mcx
>rm -f tclcomp
>sh tclcomp.sh /home/mcidas/tcl ../tcl ../tk tclcomp 
>tclcomp.sh: Couldn't find Tcl configuration information
>*** Error code 1
>make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `tclcomp'

This looks like the 'mcidas' users PATH does not include the
directories that contain gcc (and probably f2c).  This goes along with
apparently having to type the full pathname for make to get it to run.
I am betting that PATH is not defined since you had an error in your
.cshrc file relating to MCPATH and that clause was before the setting
of PATH.  So, fix your .cshrc file; source it; and things will probably


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