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19990330: waldo's ldm at stc

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199903301529.IAA05975 LDM decoders

Hi Alan-

re: ldmfail
>OK;  I have had my student assistant do most all of this and I did 
>not give him any help with the ldmfail stuff.  This would have been
>new for me also, as I am not running ldmfail on hobbes.  
>As for the workshop, I would have preferred a time during the school 
>term.  This way, my summer naps are lost for all that time.  

Well, it will be interesting to see how well attended these are.
We chose summer based on responses from the questionaire that Tony
Rockwood sent out where most people said they preferred a summer
workshop instead of during the school year.  You could nap in class,
but then that would defeat the purpose of attending, eh?

>I have changed pqact.conf to comment out the mcidas decoders, but now
>have the question, are there different decoders for use with mcidasx?
>I know we will use FOS products for much of mcidasx, but what about the
>image decoders?  

You will use the McIDAS-XCD decoders to process the NOAAPORT data
(observations, text, etc), but will still need the ldm-mcidas decoders
for imagery, lightning and profiler data.  Sometime this summer, we
will change the imagery format in the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream,
so you won't need lwtoa3 after that.  That change will be well announced.
lwtomd2, gunrv2 and lwfile will be useless after July 1 when we remove
the conventional data products (MD and GRID files) from the U-W datastream.

I suggest you download and install the ldm-mcidas decoders first and
get imagery saved.  Then work on McIDAS and McIDAS-XCD.  

Don Murray

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