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19990329: mcidas upgrade

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: California University of PA
>Keywords: 199903291926.MAA20603 OS2-750 install configuration

Hi Bill-

>I thought that it might be better to send an e-mail message.  I have
>gotten on the web page and printed off some sheets from the OS/2 and
>OS/2-XCD areas.  These were entitled "Installing and Configuring
>McIDAS-OS2 7.50", "Configuring Unidata McIDAS-XCD for OS/2 7.50", and
>McIDAS-OS2 Version 7.50 Release Notes".  None of these have helped me
>very much.  

The Installing and Configuring McIDAS-OS2 7.50 is a set of pages, not
just one.  You need to step through this section until you get to
"Additional Configuration Steps for McIDAS-OS2 7.50":


which explains the additional steps you have to do.  In your case,
you need to run the DSSERVE.BAT, MYDATA.BAT and LOCDATA.BAT files
following the instructions provided.

For XCD, you need to review the Configuring Unidata McIDAS-XCD for OS/2 7.50:


and see that you skipped step 5 (which I've since taken care of) and
this was the cause of the invalid keys messages.  Then go to the next
page "Running XCDSETUP and additional configuration steps" and look
over the additional configuration steps to set up the data scouring.
I already turned your lightning decoder on, so you don't need to do

>We did basically everything that it indicated to do in the
>first one.  The second indicated a few commands that should be run
>before XCDSETUP.  I wasn't sure if you had run some of these already.
>The final one  indicated some things about ADDE, but did not seem to
>indicate any specific commands to run.  Therefore, I'm quite confused.

Review the docs listed above and in particular, running the BATCH files
for ADDE access will make the menu work.

>Would we be better off to just go back 7.1 until we do the chaneover to
>a new system running Linux rather than making a bunch of changes to an
>existing system that will be supported for a short period?  Let me know
>since our systems are not fully operational right now.

No, don't go back to 7.1.  If you are 7.5, you will at least be ready
to have the clients connect to the Linux box when you get that installed.
You are pretty close to having things set up.

Just for future reference, send e-mail to address@hidden instead
of my personal account.  It is easier for us to deal with and get the
answers into the tracking system.  Also, if I'm not around, Tom can
answer your questions.  Tom will start helping you more once you start
running McIDAS-X since he is the main contact for that package.

Let me know if you still have questions about configuring your system
after reading through the pages listed above.

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