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19990326: McIDAS 7.5 Build Attempt (error)

>From: jannis <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCSD
>Keywords: 199903260203.TAA10824 McIDAS-X 7.50


>login to ...
>Thanks and good luck, Jeff

Thanks for the login.  I found and fixed the problem in .cshrc.  The 
problem was that the construct:

if (!${?MCPATH}) then

was being interpreted as if ( !$ {?MCPATH} ) then

i.e. there needs to be a space between the '!' and the '$', otherwise
the C shell was trying to expand '!$' which is the last item on the
last command line entered.

I added spaces and verified that one can cd to mcidas7.5/src and
start the McIDAS build, 'make mcx'.

One quick word.  If you are using MD and GRID data from the Unidata-Wisconsin
datastream, you will need to transition to use of XCD decoders to create
the data locally from the FOS/NOAAPORT data fed in the IDD.  The MDXX, GRID,
UNIDATAS, ADMIN.MSG, and PROFILER.CDF products are going to be dropped
from the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream at the beginning of July.


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