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19990325: ingebin.k core dump on McIDAS7.5/Intel

>From: NSBF Meteorology <address@hidden>
>Organization: NSBF
>Keywords: 199903252215.PAA05045 McIDAS-XCD ingebin.k


>I built 7.5 on our Solaris x86 machine with the SC4.2 compilers.  After
>I started the ldm, I saw in the log file numerous xcd_runHRS write
>errors.  When I looked at the XCD_START.LOG which is in
>/var/data/ldm/mcidas, I saw string of errors, HRS program terminated,
>segementation violation.  This is on wxmcidas.nsbf.nasa.gov.  I did not
>see any problems during the build.


>I unfortunately have already gotten rid of 7.4, as I was not expecting
>any problems.  I don't think I made any mistakes during the
>build/install/config, but you never know.  I can't figure it out.

I am sure that you didn't make any mistakes.  I will jump on your machine
and take a look.

>>From address@hidden  Thu Mar 25 15:25:23 1999
>I forgot to say that I commented out HRS in pqact.conf and DDS
>starts fine.

OK, I see that.

I tried rebuilding ingebin.k and building the 7.4 version of ingebin.k
linked against 7.5 libmcidas.a.  Neither of these produced a working
ingebin.k.  In order to buy time (as it were) I FTPed a working 7.4
version of ingebin.k to your ~mcidas/bin directory and watched to make
sure that it would run correctly; it does.

I will troubleshoot this problem and get you back a fix.  I can't for
the life of me think of what may be wrong.  The couple of changes to
ingebin.pgm between 7.4 and 7.5 were trivial.  Furthermore, these
changes produced a working ingebin.k on our Solaris SPARC box; I have
been running that copy successfully since early December.

I'll be back in touch as soon as I find out what is amiss.


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