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19990222: access information for LDM, netCDF, GEMPAK, McIDAS-X

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: CT State U.
>Keywords: 199902222251.PAA08950

>Hi Tom:
>   Seems like the person from information services who was going to install th
> e
>software packages: McIDAS, LDM, GEMPAK, and GARP has either given up or
>disappeared.  He showed up on January 29 and did some downloading, but I have
>not seen nor heard from him since despite emailing him.  We are now into our
>5th week of classes and we need help.  Is it possible that someone from there
>can install these software packages remote?  I understand that GARP was
>installed this way at address@hidden  If not we need to hire someone soon to do
>this and being a state school system on a limited (very limited) budget, this
>may be a problem.  Any suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly
>                                        Thanks, 
>                                           Len Keshishian


In order for us to install necessary software and provide you with a data 
feed, we will need login information for your machine including root
access for installing the LDM, and any logins that may have
been created for the Gempak and McIDAS software.

Once you provide us with the machine name and logins, we can determine if
your machine has the required configuration, as well as operating system.
Please email this information to address@hidden You may want
to set a temporary root password for the duration of the installation,
or change the root password after we notify you that installation is complete.

Steve Chiswell

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