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19990219: Problems with Mcidas on Solaris X86

>From: Mel Taylor <address@hidden>
>Organization: Central Michigan
>Keywords: 199902191448.HAA08416 McIDAS-X Solaris x86


>I am having problems with Mcidas on Solaris 7 X86 (I know your site
>lists the support for a lower version--but we just bought these machines
>and obtained the OS free from Sun, so I only have the latest version).

We are using version 7 here now as well.

>I am getting segmentation violations when trying to plot any of the
>surface, upperair, profiler, etc data.  For instance, when I use the
>menu system to display current data, the map displays with the lat/long
>just fine, but fails when the data is to be displayed.  Upperair plots
>usually generate two messages and surface plot generate seven.
>Satellite images display just fine.

What are the messages?

>The software was built using Sun's 4.2 compilers.

We have been using the 4.2 compilers as well with no problems.

>I upgraded our older SPARC machine (2.6) without problem using the same
>source.  All functions work.

OK, they should on x86 as well.

>Is my OS version the possible problem here?


>Do you have any pointers to
>suggest where I start looking at what is causing the problem?

Not really, you need to send us more information on what your are seeing
(i.e. the messages that are being emitted by the programs that are failing).

>Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

The other thing you should do is reissue the command that the Fkey menu
is running from the McIDAS command line adding the DEV=GCC keyword sequence.
This will turn on more verbose logging which will help us determine where
the routine(s) is(are) bombing.

>Mel Taylor (address@hidden)
>Collge of Science & Technology
>Central Michigan University

Tom Yoksas

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