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19990211: mcidas at stc

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199902091927.MAA23314 McIDAS-X 7.4 gcc f2c


>We have solaris 2.7 up on a gateway pc.  We have 256mb ram and disk is
>8 or 10Gb.  My intent is to set this up as our new ingest machine, and 
>to run mcidasx on it also.  As I look at our last exchange from early 
>Jan., we next should get perl and netscape installed, then the ldm
>using binaries.

Yes, this is correct.

>As I recall, there was a nice step by step procedure to follow when I 
>set up ldm 5.0 on our aix machine.  I hope something similar exists for
>the latest version.  

You can find the info for configuring your system and setting up the
LDM from the binary on the LDM homepage:


Follow the instructions in these links:

LDM Preinstallation Check List 
LDM Binary Installation Check List 
Configuring the LDM Check List 

If you have any questions, please ask.

>We do not have compilers for solaris, but I recall that a comment that 
>binaries might be available, or some other solution provided by you.

You can now build McIDAS-X 7.4 with gcc and f2c which are free.  At this point,
there are a few manual steps that need to be done.  First, you need
to get gcc for SOlaris 7.  You can get this from http://www.sunfreeware.com
and install it using pkgadd (same place you can get perl).

Also, you have to make sure that when you installed Solaris, you
installed the development environment.  During the installation, you
were given options for what to install.  If you installed only
the minimum, then you need to reinstall and also install the
development environment.  If you installed everything, you should
be okay.

You will also need f2c and the supporting files.  These are
available in the unix/740/fortran/sunos_5.6-i86pc directory.
The files are: f2c, f2c.h, fc, libf2c.a

Here are the instructions for what to do with these files:

Follow the instructions for preparing the workstation and downloading
the distribution tar file. 

Keep following the instructions until you run mcinstall.  (step 1
in http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/packages/mcidas/mcx/build_mcx.html)

After running mcinstall and before proceding to step 2, download the 
f2c files:

  cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.4/update
  ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  cd unix/740/fortran/sunos_5.6-i86pc
  get f2c
  get f2c.h
  get libf2c.a
  get fc
  chmod +x fc f2c
  mv fc ~mcidas/bin
  <root password>
  mv f2c /usr/local/bin
  mv f2c.h /usr/local/include
  mv libf2c.a /usr/local/lib
  exit                      (exit out of being root)
  cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.4/src
  <edit makefile>

        COMPILERS = -vendor
        COMPILERS =

Then procede with the instructions for running make. 

>We had no problems with the install, so video card must be ok.  
>At this point, the machine is connected to our network and I have created an
>account for user ldm, but will no turn to getting perl and the items 
>mentioned above.

Did you get your network stuff straightened out after Mike's message?

Let us know if you need help.

Don Murray

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