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19990205: variable sized frames from ROUTE PP BATCH files

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 199902051515.IAA18218 McIDAS ROUTE PP BATCH mcenv


>I have an altogether new problem, of the simpler variety (knock on wood). 
>I've set the .mcidasrc in user mcidas to set frame 4 to dimensions 700x872.
>When I'm logged in as user mcidas, I can run a batch which makes images
>and displays them in frame 4 with no problem. However, when I run this
>same batch as a post-process, it does not recognize the new size of
>frame 4 (Kevin set it so that the post-process recognizes frames 1 to 4,
>instead of the regular 1).

OK, but did he setup the Bourne shell script, batch.k, so that frame 4
is the size you want?

>So my question is, how do I change the settings
>for the post-process to accept a new frame size?

In order for the ROUTE PP BATCH routines to be run with more than
one frame, one has to run 'mcenv' to setup the desired environment.
The first place to check, therefore, is the online help for 'mcenv':

mcenv -- execute in a McIDAS environment
  mcenv [-f <framespec>]... [-e <bytes>] [prog arg...]
  Command line arguments:
     -f <framespec>  specifies a set of frames to include in the
                     McIDAS environment

                     A <framespec> of the form address@hidden in which N, L,
                     and E represent integers, and x is the small
                     letter x, means to allocate N frames of L lines
                     by E elements.

                     A <framespec> of the form LxE means to allocate
                     1 frame of L lines by E elements.


You can see that the -f flag to 'mcenv' sets the frame size (this is
the setting in .mcidasrc that you modified for the 'mcidas' login).

I just logged onto windfall and see that the -f flag for 'mcenv' in
batch.k (/home/ldma/ldm-mcidas-7.4.0/bin/batch.k) is:

address@hidden $command

This tells you that 4 frames of 480x640 are to be created.  If you want
frame 4 to be 700x872 you need to modify this to:

address@hidden -f address@hidden $command

This mod will cause the creation of 3 frames of 480x640 and 1 frame of

>Thanks again,
>Tony Wimmers
>University of Virginia

Tom Yoksas

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