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19990205: warm front bumbs face wrong way in FRONT

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: National Scientific Balloon Facility
>Keywords: 199902050026.RAA29487 McIDAS ASUS1 NWS


>This just may be another screw-up at the NWS, but I noticed that all of
>the forecast fronts and analysese have the warm front "bumbs" pointing in
>the wrong direction.

This is the NWS mucking with the data format.

>Stationary, occluded, and cold are fine.  Is there a way to
>fix it on my end or is this a permanent miscoding up there?

Both FRONT and FRNTDISP have an ORIENT= keyword which allows you to
say which side of the front the pips are to be drawn.  Give this a try
and see if it doesn't get you by at least until NWS stops screwing
around (this has made a bunch of us here pretty angry to say the least).

We have not recoded either of the routines since we have seen several
cases of situations where some warm fronts will be correct while others
at the same time are backwards.  In a situation like that, there is
no winning.


Sorry for the problems.


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