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19990204: fronts in McIDAS

>From: Owen Roger Cooper <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 199902041624.JAA16234 McIDAS FRONT FRNTDISP


>We have been having a problem displaying fronts on images for the past
>couple of weeks (before out problem with changing permissions in
>/home/mcidas/data, if Tom Yoksas is reading this).

The NWS has been mucking with the format of ASUS1 bulletins.

>Both the ASUS and FSUS files are coming into /incoming/data/front,
>both are updating, and both appear normal when you view them
>in an editor.

If you looked closely over a period of time you would see that the
format of the VALID line has been changing.

>I have appended the latest contents of ASUS* below.
>We have no problem displaying the forecast fronts from FSUS
>but when we try to display the ASUS fronts using the FRONT OLAY
>command we get the following error message:
>FRONT OLAY                                                                    
>FRONT --- BEGIN                                                               
>dofio: [1015] read unexpected character                                       
>lately: reading sequential formatted internal IO                              
>part of last string: ^@|address@hidden@address@hidden@^@   
>Any ideas how the unexpected character is getting into the ASUS file?

Try grabbing the update that I put out for McIDAS-X
(unix/740/bugfix/mcupdate.tar.Z) and remaking front.k and frntdisp.k.
Please note that in doing the update, makefile, mccomp.sh, and tclcomp.sh
have changed.  In practice this means that you will have to remake
mccomp BEFORE you remake front.k and frntdisp.k:

<ftp mcupdate.tar.Z into ~mcidas/mcidas7.4/update (binary mode!!))
<unpack mcupdate.tar.Z using mcupdate)
cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.4/src
make mccomp
make front.k frntdisp.k


>From address@hidden  Wed Feb  3 19:22:10 1999

Thanks Tom,

By the way I am putting in the PO for our new McIDAS /GEMPAK/LDM system
Thursday AM.  It still could not be signed at the last minute, but it
looks like a fairly sure bet. This machine will stay in Palestine and
our Gateway will go to Fort Sumner.  I plan to feed Fort Sumner from
Palestine for stuff we will use GEMPAK for and use the McIDAS ADDE
server for the rest.  I wish GEMPAK had something like the ADDE server,
as I have come to like GARP for doing a lot of things.

It will be a Sun-based system with 333Mhz processor with 2MB cache and
512MB of RAM, two 9GB SCSI hard drives, 8-bit video.  The PO is going
to EIS computers as I mentioned earlier (around $5650) and Sun,
although I don't think Sun can come up with anything to match it for
that money.  Their Ultra 5's and 10's have EIDE drives.

By the way, I have a question about 7.5.  Will it have the capability
of doing RAOB plots and contours above 100mb.  Right now 100mb is the
highest option you have.  I noticed that now the wind data above 100mb
is being decoded.

Thanks again,

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