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19990119: vis5d documentation

>From: Owen Cooper <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 199901191608.JAA15446 McIDAS VIS5D


>I just got back from the AMS meeting in Dallas and am very excited
>about using Vis5D in my research, after having seen some pretty amazing
>demonstrations of its ability.

Vis5D is pretty cool.

>I have found Bill Hibbard's Vis5D webpage and it's been very helpful, but I'm
>most intereseted in using the version that comes packaged with MCIDAS, so I
>can easily use MCIDAS grid files.
>When I type vis5d at the mcidas prompt, the vis5d data importer GUI pops up.
>I have tried typing in the full path name of a grid file but nothing happens.
>What I could use is some sort of documentaion for the version of vis5d that
>runs with mcidas.  I've been all over the unidata webpage but haven't been 
>able to find an on-line users guide.  Am I missing something here?
>Can you let me know where I can find this documentation?

We have not bothered to bring the Vis5D documentation from SSEC to Unidata.
Instead, we point users such as yourself to the pages maintained by


Go to the Vis5D Users' Guide link in the left hand side frame.


Tom Yoksas

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