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[LDM #EJF-472056]: LDM 6.13.0 released


Yes. It appears that LDM 6.13.0 has a problem running some scripts. I'm working 
on that now.

> Steve,
> LDM v6.13.1.3 started without complaint and seemed at first to run normally. 
> However, a problem arose before very long that is fatal for us until we get 
> it resolved. The problem goes away immediately after I switch back to LDM 
> v6.12.13.
> Our pqact.conf file contains directives to run Bourne shell scripts upon 
> receipt of certain products (particular GFS and NAM and RUC model fields, 
> satellite images, and perhaps a few others). Those scripts run WXP programs 
> that generate GIF images for our Web server. The WXP programs open X-windows 
> (X-Quartz on our Macs) on our server (virga.sfsu.edu<http://virga.sfsu.edu>) 
> to generate the GIF images, and then close the windows when done.
> When we switch to LDM v6.13.1.3, the scripts are triggered, X-windows are 
> opened, andâthatâs it. Nothing appears in those windows, and they stay 
> open, blank. The open windows accumulate over time as additional products 
> arrive and scripts are launched and WXP opens new windows, all blank.
> Quitting X-Quartz (to close the many open, blank X-windows), restarting it, 
> and switching back to LDM v6.12.13 immediately reverts to the normal, 
> long-standing successful behavior.
> I havenât located entries in any of the logs that Iâve checked so far 
> that offer me insight into why this might be happening. If you have 
> suggestions about diagnostic tests that might lead to such insight, Iâd be 
> grateful. Otherwise weâll be stuck at LDM v6.12.13 for the foreseeable 
> future.
> â Dave
Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: EJF-472056
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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