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[LDM #RQD-888533]: pqact errors after upgrade to 6.13.0

Hi Dave,

Based on discussions that Steve and I have been having regarding your report of
several netCDF Perl decoders not running under LDM.6.13.x, I decided to try
a simple experiment aimed at determining where the problem might lie.  The
experiment was to wrap the invocation of the netCDF perl decoder in a simple
shell script, and change the LDM pattern-action file entry that executes
'metar2nc' via a PIPE to run the shell script instead.  The problem I ran
into was the need to install the PDL package(s) needed by your version of
'metar2nc'.  Instead of continuing to march down this road for testing here,
I decided to see if you would be willing to try the same test in your setup.

The (very simple) idea is to create a shell script, say 'metar2nc.sh',
in a directory in the PATH of the user running your LDM, and have it
run 'metar2nc'.  This is the very simple script that I created yesterday
afternoon to run the test:


# Announce script startup
echo "metar2nc.sh: Starting up at `date -u +'%b %d %T'`" >> logs/metar2nc.log

# Write the input product to a disk file.  This makes sure that the
# PIPE from 'pqact' will be emptied so that 'pqact' will not retry to
# run the action if there is a failure

suffix=`date -u +'%Y%m%d%H%M'
cat > /tmp/metar2nc_input.$suffix

# Run 'metar2nc' on the product received and saved
mkdir -p data/dec_data/obs/metar
cat /tmp/metar2nc_input.$suffix | metar2nc -t 30 -l logs -d 
data/dec_data/obs/metar etc/metar.cdl

# Cleanup and exit
rm -f /tmp/metar2nc_input.$suffix
echo "metar2nc.sh: Exiting at `date -u +'%b %d %T'`" >> logs/metar2nc.log


The before and after LDM pattern-action file actions to be used are:

#  PIPE actions for observational data and MOS
#WMO    ^S[AP].* .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9][0-5][0-9])
#       PIPE    metar2nc -t 30 -l logs -d data/dec_data/obs/metar etc/metar.cdl
WMO    ^S[AP].* .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9][0-5][0-9])
       PIPE    metar2nc.sh

If you are willing to try this out under LDM-6.13.x, please let us know your
results.  Just so you know, Steve is still trying to figure out why your
'metar2nc' decoder runs under LDM-6.12.14 and not 6.13.x.


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