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[LDM #RQD-888533]: pqact errors after upgrade to 6.13.0


> No effect.
> 20160506T183309.271260Z pqact[126525] ERROR filel.c:425:fl_removeAndFree() 
> Deleting failed PIPE entry: pid=127109, cmd="metar2nc -t 30 -l logs -d 
> data/dec_data/obs/metar etc/metar.cdl"
> 20160506T183309.382737Z pqact[126525] ERROR filel.c:1948:pipe_prodput() 
> Couldn't pipe product to decoder "metar2nc -t 30 -l logs -d 
> data/dec_data/obs/metar etc/metar.cdl"

OK. Let's start from scratch. Would you please do the following as the LDM user 
in their home directory. The user-shell commands assume bash(1) -- adjust as 

    1. Stop the LDM and Switch back to running LDM 6.12.14.
    2. rm -rf ldm-6.13.0
    3. pax -zr -s ':/:/src/:' <ldm-6.13.0.tar.gz
    4. cd ldm-6.13.0/src
    5. ./configure --disable-root-actions >configure.log 2>&1 && echo Configured
    6. Send me the file "configure.log"
    7. If #6 worked, then
    8. make install >install.log 2>&1 && echo Installed
    9. Send me the file "install.log"
    10. If #8 worked, then, as root, execute the command
    11. make root-actions >root-actions.log 2>&1 && echo Root-actions made
    12. Send me the file "root-actions.log"
    13. If #11 worked, then stop the LDM, switch to 6.13.0 and see if it works

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: RQD-888533
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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