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[LDM #JSH-709228]: Installing without syslog (local logging only)?


The file "compile.log" contained this:

make[4]: Entering directory `/mnt/home/ldm/ldm-'
rm -rf tutorial
tclsh generate/generate.tcl -verbose \
    -target tutorial \
    -noglossary \
Writing content to: tutorial
Adding default.css
index file not found: main.index
couldn't open "main.index": no such file or directory

Did you do a "make clean" or "make distclean"? If so, then I suspect there's a 
bug in "cleaning" code that removed some files that it shouldn't.

Start from scratch by re-unpacking the tarball.

I'll see about fixing this.

> Catching back up (long story). I'm starting to see some errors. Attached is
> the compile log. for the record, yes, my ldm home directory is /mnt/home/ldm
> I'm attaching a config.log and a compile.log
> G'nite
> gerry

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: JSH-709228
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