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[LDM #DIL-286118]: pqact EXEC for creating sym links


My bad. The action should be PIPE; not FILE. PIPE sends the data-product to the 
decoder via the decoder's standard input stream. EXEC does nothing with the 

So your entry should be

NEXRAD<tab>^SDUS[2357]. .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-6][0-9]).*/p(NET)(...)
<tab>PIPE<tab>-close /unidata/ldm/bin/dump.n.link 

Note that 1) the <tab> after the PIPE is the last tab needed; and 2) the 
"-close" option is used to close the pipe to the decoder so that it knows where 
the end of the data-product is.

> Steve,
> I may have spoken too soon.
> And Iâm just getting back around to this â
> The script fails to write the normal output file vi the scriptâs âcat 
> >$1â line â
> - it will create the file at the designated path
> (path had to be full path, script didnât inherit the user ldmâs path)
> - but the file is of zero length
> - the link is created fine
> Script:  dump.n.link
> mkdir -p `dirname $1`
> cat >$1
> mkdir -p `dirname $2`
> ln -sf $1 $2
> pqact entry:
> NEXRAD<tab>^SDUS[2357]. .... 
> ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-6][0-9]).*/p(NET)(...)
> <tab>EXEC<tab>/unidata/ldm/bin/dump.n.link<tab>data/gempak/nexrad/NIDS/(\1:yyyy)(\1:mm)(\1:dd)/\5/\4/\4_(\1:yyyy)(\1:mm)\1_\2\3
>  data/gempak/nexrad/ALLNIDS/\5/\4/\4_(\1:yyyy)(\1:mm)\1_\2\3
> User ldmâs shell is csh.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: DIL-286118
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Status: Closed

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