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[LDM #HFI-513438]: 20151202: LDM issues at GMU

Hi Jia,

> How have you been!

We are well, thanks.  And you?

> Regarding havesting data of Unidata, we have made the
> progress since the port 388 (outbound traffic) is allowed to open.

Progress is good :-)

> We have compiled the LDM source code and configured according to the
> tutorials and instructions in our previous emails. Here are our
> configurations, and could you help us to check whether they are appropriate.
> What we did includes 3 steps:
> STEP 1. (1) Set hostname in the ~ldm/etc/registry.xml
> <hostname>cube.csiss.gmu.edu</hostname>

Very good.

> (2) Set pqact/datadir-path in the ~ldm/etc/registry.xml,
> and create symbolic 'data' link in the HOME directory of the 'ldm' user
> that points to the location of a file system that has enough space to store
> <pqact>
> <config-path>/home/ldm/etc/pqact.conf</config-path>
> <datadir-path>/home/ldm/data</datadir-path>
> </pqact>

<datadir-path> should be set to /home/ldm for the symbolic link
for 'data' in LDMHOME to work the way you want:


This will make the current working directory /home/ldm for the 'pqact'

> STEP 2. Edit ldmd.conf for appending the following line in the Request
> Entries
> REQUEST WMO ".*" idd.unidata.ucar.edu:388

Adding the ':388' to the REQUEST line is not needed as REQUESTs to port
388 on the upstream host(s) is(are) the default.

> STEP 3. Edit pqact.conf for appending the following line
> WMO^([^H][A-Z])([A-Z][A-Z])([0-9][0-9]) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])
> FILE\2/\4/\6/\1\3.wmo

Certain whitespace in a pattern-action file action nee to be tabs.  Also,
I believe that you want to FILE the products into subdirectories of
/home/ldm/data.  Given this, I hope that your action reads:

WMO<tab>([^H][A-Z])([A-Z][A-Z])([0-9][0-9]) (....) ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])
<tab>FILE data/\2/\4/\6/\1\3.wmo

I see from the WMO action you added to your pqact.conf file that there
are tabs in the positions needed.  Given this, I think that all that may
be missing is 'data' in the object of FILE

Also, you must insure that the user running your LDM has write access
to the directory(ies) you want to FILE products to.

> After configuration, we have tried to activate LDM, but it seems that
> the LDM server was not activated. User 'ldm' is a regular user and
> doesn't have administrator privilege. Here is the screen copy:
> The attachments are our configuration files. Hope you guys to help us to
> make LDM work.

It is good that 'ldm' is a regular user as it is very bad to run the LDM
as 'root'.  That being said, however, two LDM programs need to be owned
by 'root' and have setuid 'root' privilege: ~ldm/bin/ldmd and 

Some questions about your setup:

- are 'ldmd' and 'hupsyslog' owned by 'root' and have setuid 'root' privilege?

  They should look like:

/home/ldm% ls -alt bin/ldmd bin/hupsyslog
-rwsr-xr-x 1 root Unidata 116818 Apr 16  2013 bin/ldmd*
-rwsr-xr-x 1 root Unidata  11302 Apr 16  2013 bin/hupsyslog*

- next, you did not say if LDM logging was setup and working.  If it
  is, what are the log messages from the LDM log file?

  The log file on your system should be:


  If this file either doesn't exist, or is zero length, or is
  owned by 'root', then your logging is not setup correctly.

  If the log file exists and is owned by 'ldm' and has zero length,
  then the most likely problem is either the LDM logging configuration
  in the system logging daemon configuration file (e.g., /etc/rsyslog.conf
  on RedHat variant systems) was not setup or is incorrect, or SELINUX
  has not been set to be permissive or disabled.

- what is the OS your LDM is installed on (e.g., RHEL, CentOS, Debian, etc.)?

- have you disabled SELINUX or, at least, set it to permissive mode?

- is there any chance we could get a login as 'ldm' to your machine so
  we could take a look around?

  This would help get you going much quicker than trading emails until
  enough is know to give you useful information.


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