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[LDM #DQO-447584]: Odd error messages on latest LDM.


Make sure that all requests by the downstream site are either *identical* or 
*disjoint*. Non-identical requests that overlap in the data they receive will 
confuse the downstream LDMs.

> Thanks Steve - I will get with the downstream node . . . it was their
> indication that not only was there a lot of errors, but when they shut
> off all other sources, and the IDS/DDPLUS connected to us as primary, it
> still would kick out those errors, and they would receive no data.  And
> we did confirm it only effects the "IDS|DDPLUS" request - so I had them
> just do two requests, one for IDS and the other for DDPLUS . . . and
> they said they still got errors.  They tried "WMO" - and everything was
> fine.  They also request, discretely separate, NEXRAD and HDS . . . and
> no such errors occur with those requests.  I will work with them some
> more and see what we can filter down to . . . I am wondering if they
> have another IDS|DDPLUS in their request config that they miss.
> Stonie

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: DQO-447584
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