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[LDM #SUM-958383]: Changed NCEP/AWC data

Hi Brian,

re: making modifications to the GEMPAK GRIB2 tables used in the NOAAPort ingest
portion of Unidata LDM

> Is this something we can do

Sites that know what they are doing can make the needed additions to the
appropriate GEMPAK GRIB2 table(s) that are included as part of the LDM 
and get installed in the ~ldm/etc directory.  The current list of these files 



And, there are a number of soft links to the primary tables:

g2vcrdncep0.tbl  -> g2vcrdncep.tbl
g2vcrdncep1.tbl  -> g2vcrdncep.tbl

g2varswmo1.tbl   -> g2varswmo.tbl
g2varswmo2.tbl   -> g2varswmo.tbl
g2varswmo3.tbl   -> g2varswmo.tbl
g2varswmo6.tbl   -> g2varswmo.tbl

g2varsnssl1.tbl  -> g2varsnssl.tbl

g2varsncep0.tbl  -> g2varsncep.tbl
g2varsncep1.tbl  -> g2varsncep.tbl

g2vcrdwmo1.tbl   -> g2vcrdwmo.tbl
g2vcrdwmo2.tbl   -> g2vcrdwmo.tbl
g2vcrdwmo3.tbl   -> g2vcrdwmo.tbl
g2vcrdwmo6.tbl   -> g2vcrdwmo.tbl
g2vcrdwmo255.tbl -> g2vcrdwmo.tbl

A "master" table of NCEP GRIB2 variables created as a GEMPAK-formatted
snapshot of the NCEP tables published online can be found in:


> or will it be part of a future release?

Each release of the LDM will contain updated GEMPAK GRIB2 tables.

We have been discussing making the primary GEMPAK GRIB2 tables available
on GitHub so that users of our LDM+NOAAPort ingest package can grab
them between LDM releases, but no firm decision to do this has yet been

Please let us know if you have questions specific to the GEMPAK GRIB2


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