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[LDM #EAS-982689]: regex confusion (pqact)

Hi Gerry,

NB: I drove your email into our inquiry tracking system since the
question and answer might help others...

> I'm trying to sort through a set of pqactions for OK Mesonet data we're
> getting here via an EXP feed.
> In general, the filenames look like:
> mesonet.realtime.20151105wal2.mts
> mesonet.realtime.20151105slap.mts
> mesonet.realtime.20151105wood.mts
> while another set looks like:
> mesonet.realtime.201511050130.mdf
> Yet another looks like:
> op4.mesonet.delta.latest.mdf
> and
> op4.mesonet.daily.today.mdf
> I'm getting the 'mesonet.realtime.*.mdf' fine (and that may end up all I
> need) but I really want to see what the rest are gonna look like.


> The pqact.conf for those looks like:
> EXP     mesonet\.realtime\.(....)(..)(..)(....)\.mts
> FILE    -overwrite      -strip
> /Fastscr/ldmData/Mesonet/ldm/\1/\2/\3/\4/mesonet.realtime.\1\2\3\4.mts
> EXP     mesonet\.realtime\.(....)(..)(..)(....)\.mdf
> FILE    -strip
> /Fastscr/ldmData/Mesonet/ldm/\1/\2/\3/\4/mesonet.realtime.\1\2\3\4.mdf

These two actions could be combined into a single action:


> EXP     op4\.mesonet\.(.....)\.([lt].*)\.mdf
> FILE    -strip
> /Fastscr/ldmData/Mesonet/ldm/%Y/%m/%d/\1/op4.mesonet.\1.\2.mdf

This looks like it should match the last two names that you listed


> EXP     mesonet\.latest\.mdf
> FILE    -strip
> /Fastscr/ldmData/Mesonet/ldm/%Y/%m/%d//Fastscr/ldmData/Mesonet/ldm/mesonet.latest.mdf

This does not match any of the file names you listed above since
none of the example names have 'mesonet.latest' in them.

> I'm fairly sure my pqact writing skill has degraded over the last 3 years,
> so I'm wondering if you see something glaringly stupid.

The only thing that jumps out at me is the last action since its extended
regular expression does not match any of the example file names that
you listed.


- your comment (processing all of the 'mesonet.realtime.*.mdf') files
  suggests that you are not processing any of the other files

  If this is correct, have you run 'notifyme' to verify that you are
  actually receiving the files named differently?

  If yes, you could add a more generic action that files the 'opt4.mesonet'

EXP<tab> op4\.mesonet\.(.*)\.mdf

  and then successively refine your action to get what you want.

If this approach doesn't get you to where you need to be, add
an ALLOW for your EXP feed for gale.unidata.ucar.edu (or any
machine in the .ucar.edu domain), and I will REQUEST the EXP
feed and play with it here.  (The reason I mentioned ALLOWing
an machine in the .ucar.edu domain is that would allow me to
run tests in my virtual machine while at work since the VM
will be in the .ucar.edu domain).


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