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[LDM #SUM-958383]: Changed NCEP/AWC data


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permanent record that others can find. Hope you don't mind.]

The product is already trying to be decoded by the GRIB2-handling code, so an 
addition to the relevant GEMPAK GRIB2 table "g2varsncep1.tbl" should suffice to 
process this new product.

> Hi Steve,
> NCEP introduced a new turbulence product that was previously grib1 but is
> now grib2.  When this product was activated on NOAAPORT, LDM threw the
> errors you see below.  This product is still active on NOAAPORT, so I'm
> betting you'll see the same thing.  The WMO header pattern is
> "[YZ]VW.[0-9][0-9] KKCI".  Is this something that will take a code change
> to fix, or will updated grib2 tables take care of it?
> Brian
> -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Changed NCEP/AWC data Date: Tue,
> 27 Oct 2015 15:11:11 -0400 From: Melissa Porricelli - NOAA Affiliate
> <address@hidden> <address@hidden> To: Sathya
> Sankarasubbu - NOAA Affiliate <address@hidden>
> <address@hidden>, Brian Rapp - NOAA Affiliate
> <address@hidden> <address@hidden> CC: Richard Barnhill - NOAA
> Affiliate <address@hidden> <address@hidden>, Matthew
> Howard - NOAA Affiliate <address@hidden> <address@hidden>
> Brian and Sathya,
> At 16Z today, NCEP switched to a new turbulence product.  This would be for
> headers YVW* KKCI and ZVW* KKCI.  Since the switch, I am seeing the
> following error in nwstg.log on TBDW for the ZVW* KKCI products:
> Oct 27 18:59:20 cpsbn1-tbdw noaaportIngester[30362] NOTE: Couldn't get
> parameter info: iver=2, disc=0, cat=19, id=219, pdtn=0, center=ncep,
> lclver=1, file=g2varsncep1.tbl
> Oct 27 18:59:20 cpsbn1-tbdw noaaportIngester[30362] ERROR: [gb22gem.c:74]
> [GB 1] Couldn't get parameter values
> Oct 27 18:59:20 cpsbn1-tbdw noaaportIngester[30362] ERROR:
> [grib2name.c:780] Couldn't decode GRIB2 message. WMO header="ZVWM50 KKCI
> 271800"
> Oct 27 18:59:20 cpsbn1-tbdw noaaportIngester[30362] NOTE: ZVWM50 KKCI
> 271800 !grib2/ncep/RUC2/#130/FHRS//LVL inserted [cat 4 type 4 ccb 2/1 seq
> 16484748 size 171250]
> Is this a major problem?
> Thanks,
> Melissa
> --
> Melissa Porricelli
> Application Support and Maintenance
> Raytheon AWIPS Team
> (301) 427-9718

Steve Emmerson

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