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[LDM #BAS-830345]: MRMS Data Issue


[I drove your inquiry into our support-email tracking system.]

I don't know the dcgunzip program so I asked around. Our GEMPAK/AWIPS-2 person 
said this:

The program dcgunzip is included in the awips2-ldm RPM.  It's possible this 
file is missing on Keith's install.  He should confirm that 
/usr/local/ldm/decoders/dcgunzip exists and is executable, and if not, download 


and restart the LDM to see if the error messages disappear.

> Hi Steven!
> I am having an issue and I can't find any old tickets or emails about this
> issue. I just started getting MRMS data from my upstream provider but I am
> having trouble with it being output to the right directory. I put the error
> below that I see in the ldmd.log and I don't think its a permission error
> because the "ldm" user is able to write to the /data_store aka
> /awips2/data_store directory.
> Oct 19 12:53:16 wxdata pqact[26219] ERROR: pipe_put(): write error:
> pid=22892, cmd=(-close -log dcgunzip -f
> /awips2/data_store/mrms/data/realtime/outgoing/grib2/conusPlus/MRMS_MergedReflectivityQC_18.00_20151019-175032.grib2)
> Oct 19 12:53:16 wxdata pqact[26219] ERROR: [filel.c:305] Deleting failed
> PIPE entry: pid=22892, cmd="-close -log dcgunzip -f
> /awips2/data_store/mrms/data/realtime/outgoing/grib2/conusPlus/MRMS_MergedReflectivityQC_18.00_20151019-175032.grib2"
> --
> Regards,
> *Keith Latteri*
> Latteri Networks

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: BAS-830345
Department: Support LDM
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Status: Closed

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