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[LDM #ADA-874007]: This is driving me nuts!

Hi Gilbert,

re: Is the machine in question accessible to us?  If yes, I will login and
take a look.

> Yep. Login to weather, and then to weather3.

OK, I wasn't following the exchanges with Steve closely enough to catch
that the problem is on weather3.

So, I logged into weather3 as 'ldm' and took hard looks at the several
copies of 'make_index' and the LDM pattern-action file that was the
source of all of the problems you have been reporting.  I must say, that
this one has me scratching my head.

BUT, I found out that if one specifies the fully qualified path of the
"decoder" to be EXECed, then everything works nicely.  What I did was:

- change all occurrences of 'make_index' to:


- change all occurrences of 'prepend_file' to:


- change all occurrences of 'pnga2area' to:


- change all occurrences of 'pngg2gini' to:


- checked for typos:

  ldmadmin pqactcheck

- sent a HUP signal to have all pattern-action files actions reread:

  ldmadmin pqactHUP

The reason that I am scratching my head is that I was under the impression
that EXEC would use the PATH in-scope to find the named "decoder".  In
this case, this is evidently not true.  Moreover, since you had made a
copy of 'make_index' in /home/ldm, and since your <datadir-path> for
'pqact' is set to /home/ldm, I would have assumed that an "EXEC make_index"
would have worked, since there is a viable /home/ldm/make_index executable.
I imagine that "EXEC ./make_index" would have worked for you, but I did
not try it.  Also, I imagine that what you really want to do is to _not_
have a copies of 'make_index' and 'prepend_file' in /usr/local/bin.  If
this is, in fact, the case, you should:

- edit ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf and change '/usr/local/bin' to the directory
  where the "decoder" lives (e.g., /home/ldm/decoders)

Also, you might want to see if relative locations will work for the
"decoders" that were failing.  What I mean is try:


EXEC  /usr/local/bin/make_index


EXEC decoders/make_index


Steve will have to chime in on why an EXEC of a viable executable does
work unless its reference is fully qualified (meaning "EXEC 
as opposed to "EXEC make_index" even though /usr/local/bin is in the PATH
that is in-scope for the running LDM.


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